A look into the tragedies of school shootings and the history of devastation it has inflicted on our society in America. Exploring gun laws and the activism of gun control through compelling interviews that will bring to light the chances this country has to make a difference.



My project serves to the current and past issues of gun violence in our society. The project will explore the history of school shootings and the train reaction it has set off. The idea behind this project came from my constant frustration and anger that not only came from the Sandy Hook shooting, but many others. Being from Connecticut and being the uncle of a five year old and four year old, the shootings really hit home for me. It keeps me up at night, the constant worry of my niece and nephew’s safety. To turn on the news and see the terrified faces of many parents waiting to see if their child would walk out on both feet was a moment that will never leave my head. I could not even imagine the emotions that were running through their bodys’. At this time my niece was about to turn three and she was going to enter school, so I put myself in the shoes of the parents at Sandy Hook, I broke down. I grabbed my niece tight and promised that I would never let anything happen to her, but I am sure those parents made the same promise and had to endure the moment of watching their child be rolled out on a stretcher. I prayed that nothing like this would happen again, but shootings continued and I became more frustrated. I could see how everyone around me was feeling the same way, that there needs be a change. Now recently after watching more families go through this tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, this issue has become a relentless devastation. This project is not only important for the families and victims of school shootings or any other massacres, but for a nation. In only two years there has been 161 school shootings in America, an average of nearly one a week. The time is now.



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